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One of the most prominent features of mobile Apple products is the iMessage software. From iPads to iPhones, this program allows users to quickly connect with people from around the world with written messages and various forms of media. Unfortunately, this app only works with Apple products, and this is why many customers are now on the search for an iMessage alternative for Android. Here is a look at a few of the top options and how they stand up to iMessage itself.

ChatOn remains one of the most comprehensive and robust options for those that are on the search for an iMessage alternative for Android. Along with basic messaging, users are sure to enjoy a number of features that have made this a popular choice on millions of devices. In addition to working on the Android operating system, ChatOn can also be downloaded to PCs, Macs, and mobile Apple products. The streamlined and intuitive interface allows for users to quickly send and read text messages. Almost all forms of media can be sent directly through the app as well including videos, document files, and images.

Skype is another popular iMessage alternative for Android and has been downloaded millions of times onto devices with all operating systems. Originally, Skype was used as a basic program meant for free video chatting between computers or mobile devices. In recent years, Skype has expanded its features and is now a popular choice for video chats, conference calls, traditional phone calls, and a messaging system. Most of the services remain free, but users can also buy Skype “credit” in order to enjoy international calls or increased space for saving data.

When on the search for a great alternative to iMessage, few options are as popular as Whatsapp. Over the years, Whatsapp has been growing in popularity and it remains one of the most-downloaded messenger apps in the Google app market. Along with basic text messages, Whatsapp has a number of exciting features including the ability to fully customize the layout of the app itself. Each message is free and users can input media, create group chats, or even tag their location via the GPS on a smartphone.

For customers that would like a messaging experience that is nearly identical to iMessage, Viber may be the program of choice. Viber has a layout that is nearly identical to that of iMessage and users will be able to quickly send and receive messages while using very little of the phone’s resources. As an added bonus, Viber integrates seamlessly with iMessage for those that would like to stay connected with friends, family, and coworkers that currently use Apple products.

One of the newest options when it comes to message apps is Line. While this app has only been fully released for a short period of time, it is beginning to pick up popularity with thousands of users. This product was initially meant for voice messages, but the company has now added basic text messages to the current features. The clean and uncluttered interface makes it a popular choice for those that would like only basic functions in their apps without the complexity of additional features or ads.

iMessage Alternative for Android