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iMessage for Android

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Smartphone users are constantly looking for new ways to cross message each other. Android users would love to be able to message iPhone users. IPhone users would appreciate the opportunity to have cross conversations with Mac users. The application iMessage Android is perfect for getting the message across from one smartphone user to the next. Android users can even cross chat between tablets, laptops, and desktops as well as mobile phones. The iMessage Android application is an innovative new application that blows many of the other chatting and SMS applications completely out of the water. Users can download this application today for free.

What Exactly is iMessage?

The iMessage application is a completely free cross device chattin application for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. With this amazing application, users with various devices can all talk to each other for free. They can send messages, pictures, videos, music and more. Again, this application is completely free which makes it more desirable than some of the applications found in the market. There are no hidden costs and no annoying ads that come with the application either. Anyone with an Android device can just install it and have endless conversations with their friends who have iPhones. The sky is the limit as far as chatting goes.

The best part about the iMessage application is that the users do not have to have the latest Android operating system. This application is compatible with Androids that have version 1.5 cupcake and up. That means that people who have hung on to their older Android devices do not have to feel left out of the chat world. They too can speak to their iPhone friends with this completely functional cross device chatting application.

Imessage works with just about any connection. It works on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi alike. Therefore, users do not have to burn out their data plans to talk to their friends. They can simply connect to Wi-Fi and have a great time talking for as long as they wish.

Installation and Usage

Installation is very simple. The user will first download the .apk file to his or her computer. Once the file is installed, that person will need to connect the Android device to the computer. Depending on the Windows version, the user may have to install a driver. Newer Windows operating systems automatically install drivers the minute they detect an Android smartphone.iMessage for Android

Next, the user will place the Android device in mass storage mode so that files can be transferred from the computer to the phone with ease. To install iMessage Android from the computer to the phone, simply drag and drop the .apk file into the tablet or phone’s internal or external storage. Once the file is there, the individual can open it from the file manager application. After clicking on the .apk file, the phone or tablet will ask the user if he or she would like to install the program. The user will click “install” and the program will be installed immediately.

Once the program is installed, the person can set up a new user ID or login with a current one to import contacts. From there, communication is extremely easy. The only thing left for the person to do is enjoy talking to friends with iPhones on this wonderful application.

iMessage for Android